[2015] Lauren Dorman: Digit Addition Unit

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[2015] Lauren Dorman: Digit Addition Unit

2-Digit Addition

By: Lauren Dorman

Teaching ActivityStudents will expand thinking by learning how to add three and four 2-digit numbers together

Teaching ActivityStudents willl collaborate to put the rules of addition in order to create an "How We Add" poster

AssessmentAssessment will largely be through teacher observation and questions, completed in-class assignments, a completed 2-digit addition poster and presentation of the addition process, completed homework assignments, and by the students ability to find real-world examples of 2-digit addition.

IntroductionThrough a combination of direct instruction, learning cycles and concept formation, I will teach the process of 2-digit addition in order for students to add two, three and four 2-digit addends together.

Objectives-Find a sum by breaking apart 2-digit addends-Apply place value concepts for 2-digit addition-Record 2-digit addition using the standard algorithm-Rewrite horizontal addition problems vertically-Find sums of three and four 2-digit numbers

Instructional Plans-Break Apart to "Make Tens"-Break Apart Addends and Regrouping to Add-Practice 2 Digit Addition and Rewriting to Add-Using Diagrams and Number Sentences to Add-Find Sums for 3 and 4 Addends

Teaching ReflectionsDifferentation is very important! I witnessed many times over this unit how important it is to give students work that is challenging, yet possible to complete. Not every student is the same, so we need to be sure each student is achieving the best they can by recieving the materials they need for success!Assessment is extremely imprtant to use in every lesson, every day. We need to know how are students are doing with the material at hand instead of assuming they know, or moving on when they are not ready yet.

ConclusionThis unit overall showed me how very different learning styles can be. My unit focused on many different ways to complete the same probelm, and it was insightful to watch how some methods worked for one student, but others worked for another.

Teaching ActivityStudents will learn how to do 2-digit addition using quick pictures, breaking apart addends, and using regrouping


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