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Diggs: Covert Introvert

INFJIntroverted - 38%Intuitive - 12%Feeling - 3%Judging - 22%

Jack of All TradesMy path to librarianship has been long and varied. Fourth grade Math and Science teacher, Instructional Technologist, and First grade teacher. I love to write, but funnily enough, I don't like to teach or grade it. All I can focus on are the grammatical errors!

My needs for affiliation and achievement outweigh my need for power. While I prefer everyone to be happy and to get along, I also like to do most work myself to make sure it is done right. I can work with most people, as long as everyone is contributing equally. When everyone works to their strengths in a timely manner, projects are bound to turn out well!Hartzell, Gary N. Building Influence for the School Librarian. Worthington, OH: Linworth, 1994.

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Photo courtesy of Sherry Keith, 2014

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Kurstin Diggs: Covert Introvert

Team teaching isthe best!

Photo courtesy of Jenne Otterness, 2015

One of my favorite collaborators!

Student learning is my passion!

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