Digestive Tract

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Human Anatomy

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Digestive Tract

From the Salivary Glands to the Intestines



Digestion Methods??

How does it work?

•Every time your mouth waters or your stomach grumbles, the wonderful world of the digestive tract is taking place•9m system•From meals-compatible substance•Breaks down food into sizes to flow through body•Series of organs make up Digestive System•Not all deal with food (liver, gallbladder, pancreas, salivary glands)

•Without crucial system, body wouldn't have right resources to 'create' energy (suitable sized food)•Normal growth, maintenance, and repair can only with nutrients which mechanical digestion takes care of

•Mechanical and Chemical Digestion•Chemical Digestion: crushing, mashing, breaking down food•Mechanical Digestion: Breaking large food molecules into nutrients


A life-changing system

What is the Digestive Tract

The Different Parts

After the mouth...

•Muscle contraction-asperistalsis-push food down esophagus into stomach & small intestine•Liver & Pancreas prevent acids damaging intestine+kill bacteria in chyme (final mixture)•Enzymes/chemical scissors create amino acids that pass through blood stream•Fingerlike villi, tiny nutrient-absorbing cells, send nutrients into bloodstream

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