Digestive System

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Human Anatomy

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Digestive System

The functions of the digestive system.

This shows how your mouth grinds your food while eating.

Your digestive system is important gives you the nutrients that your body needs to survive.

Stomach: Principle function is the storage of food. Both mechanical and chemical digestion occur here, the latter being the partial breakdown on protein to amino acids. Cells lining the gastric pits release pepsinogen and hydrochloric acid (HCl) that react to form pepsin which is an enzyme responsible for protein degradation. Pepsinogen is released by zymogenic cells and HCl is released by parietal cells, both in the gastric pits. Cardiac sphincter, Pyloric sphinter, Fundus, Cardia, Pylorus, Body, Greater Curvature, and Lesser Curature

Digestive Stystem

This shows what happenes to your small intestine you have Celtiac disease

Did you know...?The digestive system begins at the lips and ends in the anus. The mouth is for grinding food. Tounge which serves to shape food and mix it with saliva.

The nervous system helps because it sends the digestive system to get rid of waste


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