Digestive System

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Human Anatomy

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Digestive System

The mucos lining of the small intestine , as with the stomach, contains thousands of microscopic glands. These intestinal glands secrete the intestinal digestive juice. The lining makes it well suited to absorption of food and water. The intersinal lining is arranged into multiple circular folds called plicae . These folds are covered with thousands of "fingers" called villi.

The Digestive System

EsophagusThe esophagus is the muscular mucus-lined tube that connects the pharynx with the stomach.The production of mucus by glands in the mucosal lining lubricates the tube to permit easier passage of food moving toward the stomach.

Stomach Mucos Membrane lines the stomach; it contains thousands of microscopic gastric glands that secrete gastic juice and hydrochloric acid into the stomach.When the stomach is empty, its lining lies in folds called rugae.

Small Intestine

Objective:Compare the lining layer in the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and larger intestine.

Inside each villus lines rich network of blood capillaries that absorb the products of carbohydrate and protein digestion. sugars and amnio acids).

What is the differnce between the lining of the small intestine and the large intestine?

The large intestine is lined by mucous membrane. No villi are present in the mucosa of the large intestine. As a result, much less surface area is available for absorption, and the efficiency and speed of movement of substances through the wall of the large intestine are lower than in the small intestine.

Large Intestine


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