Digestive system

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Digestive system

Digestive System

The Digestive System has 3 main functions:-Breaks down food into molecules that the body can use.-Absorb the molecules into the blood and carried thought the body.-Eliminate wastes.

Two Different types of digestive -Chemical Digestion-Mechanical DigestionChemical: Is the saliva acids on your body tje pancreas etc.Mechanical: Is teethe and Stomach.

Organs the make up the digestive system:-Mouth-Esophagus-Stomach-Small Intestine-Large Intestine-Rectum-AnusThe epiglottis prevents that the food passes to the trachea.

After the stomach it goes to the small intestine. Pancreas will relives a liquid that will break down lipids, proteins, carbohaydrates, nuclei acids. Liver produces bile wich store on the gallblader bile breals sown fats. The large intestine is 1 meter long and the small 7 meters.

Liver produces bile wich is stored in the gallbladder. BIle break down fat. Pancreas produces pancreatic juice.

The only direct conncetion from the digestive to the cercullatory is in the pharynx.


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