Digestive System of Koi Fish

by Kimimara
Last updated 7 years ago

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Digestive System of Koi Fish

Digestive System of Koi Fish

Koi fish can effectively absorb nutrients from the food they eat, and discard the unwanted elements that their body cannot use. They can eat anything such as meat, vegetation and invertebrates.The mouth of Koi fish is fully equipped with specialized teeth, which are made especially to grind food efficiently before it enters the digestive tract. While munching on their food, the koi fish in general spit out substances that it deems indigestible. The size of Koi fish’s intestine is actually twice as long as its body. This is where the food is broken down further for proper absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. Unlike the intestinal organs of the other creatures, the koi fish’s intestines are quite simple. Koi fish actually has no stomach; therefore most of the digestion takes place in the intestinal tract. That’s why its twice as long as its body length.



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