[2013] Mat (Harwood 2014-15): Digestive System

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Human Anatomy

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[2013] Mat (Harwood 2014-15): Digestive System

Digestive System

How Does The Digestive Communicate With The Brain?

The main job of the digestive system is to break down the food that you eat and turn into molecules that makes energy, makes us grow, and makes our body function the correct way . Saliva breaks down food right as you take a bite. Saliva contains enzyme, this breaks down the food.(enzyme breaks down carbohydrates that's in food).

Main Job

The food you intake provides building blocks that cells use. The autonomic nervous system which is responsible for what humans do not need to mentally think about, controls the tone of the digestive systems organs.The brain also communicates with the digestive system by controlling its muscles on how to eat the food you are currently eating or drink the beverage you are drinking . It also controls the muscles that help you go to the bathroom. The digestive system sends sensory signals to the brain.

Mouth(tongue, teeth, and salivary glands)Pharynx(throat)EsophagusStomachSmall and Large Intestines Liver and GallbladderPancreas

Main Body Parts Used For the Digestive System



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