Difficult Relationships

by ShannontheMuse
Last updated 6 years ago

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Difficult Relationships

Difficult Relationships

Interesting: events within the last year have led me to the conclusion that if a relationship in your life is negative, then why would you keep it? A few years ago, I decided to "suck the poison out" of my life - I ended all the poisonous relationships that were making my life toxic.

And yet, Jill spoke today in class about difficult relationships between museums and Indigenous communities (and others I am sure). As humans, we often don't hold on to difficult relationships. But what happens when as museums we have to or should connect with communities where the relationship will obviously be difficult!? Past relationships have been very poisonous and toxic to Indigenous communities, so is it any wonder some individuals are "difficult"?

Must remember: Difficult relationships ≠ Poisonous relationships!



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