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Differentiated Instructions

Differentiated InstructionBy: Nicholle McGeehan

My Question!Differentiated instruction affects not only the classroom but it personally affects the learning outcome of every student. To fully understand the readings the reader should be able to answer this question:In what ways can a teacher implement differentiated instuction into a classroom, and will this benefit all types of learning style students even if they have a learning disability?

Quotes! In the Anderson 2007 pdf, it states that, "Differentiated thinking empowers teachers to be responsive rather than reactive to the unique and individual personalities, backgrounds, and abilities found within students". In the Levy 2008 article it states that, "Students do not all learn the same way, so we cannot teach them all the same way. We have to adjustour teaching style to reflect the needs of our students". Both of these quotes are showing important ideas and thoughts regarding differentiated instruction.

My Statements: 1. Differentiated instruction can be very difficult for a teacher to address with in a classroom. Through the use of tier instruction and having the main focus on content, process, and product, the teacher could be successful in reaching all of her students. Making sure you are using differenciated instruction insures that you are reaching out to all of your students, and provide them with the tools to exceed their and your expectations. Not all students learn the same and it is important that teachers use many methods to teaching their curriculum! 2. When I was younger I had a math teacher that would only use power points in order to teach us her curriculum. She also used long lectures and rarely offered any help outside of this instruction. There were children in her class that did well with her instruction, but I on the other hand was a Kinesthetic learner and I needed hands on tools to fully grasp the concepts in her class. I think that if this teacher had more knowledge on students diffrent learning styles and the process of differentiated instruction, I have not a doubt that I would have been more successful in the class.


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