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Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction

ContentAltering information that is given to the learners, or access to learning materials.1. Providing content in multiple formats (e.g.: written and verbal instructions, or lectures)2. Scaling depth of materials based upon individual or small group levels.3. Small group instruction.4. Technology-driven (e.g.: WebQuests, internet-based mini-lessons, or multi-level computer programs.)

ProcessesAlterations when learners work on tasks provided by the instructor.1. Provide multiple stations within the classroom with different activities at each one.2. Tiered assignments designed for each level of learner (e.g.: for a computer application, one for those new to using computers, those new to the app, and advanced users of the app). 3. Adjusting time limits for assignment completion based on learner levels (e.g.: Extra time for a struggling learner, or additional time for more indepth learning of advanced learners).

ProductsChanges to Products affect how learners demonstrate what and how much was learned. Differentiated products demonstrate how much learning has occured in differing ways.1. Provide options for proof of learning activities (e.g.: writing a paper, create a model, perform an act, etc.).2. Use adjusted rubrics to compensate for varied skill levels.3. Encourage product assignments that are created by the students, provided they contain the necessary components.4. Allow small groups in addition to individual work for product creation.

Learning EnvironmentsChange the way the learning environment feels and works, be it an actual classroom, or an online learning environment. Learners will thrive in environments where they feel safe and respected.1. Create clear guidelines on independent and group work that matches individuals' needs. The tone should be one of motivation and support.2. Provide ways for learners to get assistance when the instructor is helping others.3. In a normal classroom, provide workspaces for independent, quite work as well as areas that promote collaboration.4. Work with learners to promote understanding of the variety of ways in which others learn, which is important in a diverse learning environment.

Differentiated Instruction is... customizing learning for variety of learning needs. This often requires ongoing assessment and great flexibility to be successful. It may involve altering Content, Processes, Products, Learning Environments, and YOU.

YOU As the dezigner or instructor, ultimately you must be willing to adapt and change your teaching styles to meet the needs of your learners. Without your own flexibility, none of the other alterations will matter!

By: Gabe Campbell

One of themost important things you can do is:KNOW YOUR LEARNERS

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