Differentiated Instruction Introduction

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Differentiated Instruction Introduction

What Differentiated Instruction Is Not!A)It is not Individualized Instruction -It doesn't mean doing something different for every studentB)It is not Chaotic-Teachers must help students in developing rules around behaviorC)It's not just another way to make Homogeneous Groups-Differentiated Instruction uses flexible groupings based on students readiness, interests, and learning profile

Differentiated Instruction

'Differentiated Instruction focuses on teachers teaching kids not lessons' (Tomlinson, C., A., 2001)

'A differentiated classroom provides different avenues for students to acquire and process information' (Tomlinson, C., A., 2001)

A video on how differentiated instruction can be successful in student achievement and success!

What Differentiated Instruction Is!1)It's Proactive-The teacher proactively plans a variety of ways to get at learning2)It's Qualitative not Quantitative-It doesn't mean some students do more work and others do less3)It's rooted in Assessment-What the teacher learns from formal assessments becomes the catalyst for crafting instruction4)It provides Multiple Approaches to content process, and product5)It's Student-Centered-Classrooms operate best when they're engaging, relevant, and interesting6)It's a Blend of Whole-Class, Group, and, Individual Instruction


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