Different Types of Telephones

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Inventors and Inventions

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Different Types of Telephones

Mid 1800's to the late 1900's

Different Types of Telephones

CandleStick RotaryThe CandleStick Rotary was diffeent from the Dandlestick phone because they were made of differen materials. The CcandleStick phone was made of wood. The Candlestick Rrotary was made of nickel- brass and strong rubber. These phones usually came in the colors of black and silver. Some of these phones rotated from frontwards to backwards. The mouth pieces was also movable. Most of the Candlestick Rrotary Phones had only one button to dial an operator. The operator would then tell the person the number of the other person in which they wanted to speak to.

The Cradle Phonecradle: as : a framework of bars and rods that supports for a telephone receiver or handset. The Cradle Telephone was invented during the years of ninetteen ninety. The cradle was very important in the beining. It was also vey expensive when it was first invented. After the cradle phone was used for a while the price started to decrease. The cradle phone was designed to look almost like a baby's cribe, (hens the name). The cradle phone looks like a rectangle box with a phone on top of it.

By:Isabella Raineri

Telephone The telephone, or the phone, is a telecommunication device that permits two or more users to conduct a conversation when they are too far apart to be heard directly. The telephone was first invented in eighteen seventy-six. This telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. The telephone is still used today through the whole world.The telephone was a very intelligant ivention. It allows you to talk to someone who you are not with. It made life back then a lot easier.

Hand Cranked Wall PhoneThis phone of one of the first phones ever created. There was a patent put on it because it was one of the greatest inventions ever. In phone was wooden and mounted on the wall. Your would have to trun the dial in the midddle for it work. Then the piece on the side was were you would talk into and you would also hear the ther person talk through that piece. The Had Crancked Wall Phone was not difficult to use. It helped millions of people communicate with each other, all over the world.

CandleStick PhoneIs also referred to as the desk stand, an upright, or a stick phone. The Candlestick telephone featured a mouth piece (transmitter). The mouth piece was mounted at the top of the stand. A receiver which was an ear phone. It was held by the user to the ear during a call. When you were talk on one phone the person on the other side was listening throurgh the ear piece.


Desktop RotartyThe desktop telephone was invented in nine- teen twenty. The desktop rotary looks like a phone on top of a pad with buttons on it. The buttons would be the numbers. Unlike the other phones the desktop phone has the buttons for all of the numbers on it and it also has a phone attached to it. The mouth piece and the ear piece are both connected in this phone. This type of phone is still used today in many places. For example, many people have desktop rotary phones at their work places. This phone may still be used today, but there are also many updated versions of this phone.


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