Different Plant Life Cycles

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Cycles & Processes

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Different Plant Life Cycles

Perennial These plants live for many seasons. Even if the top portion of the plant is destroyed it can regrow from the root system. Some plants keep their leaves/flowers all year long. These usually have an underground reproductive sytem that includes rhizomes or taproots.

BiennialPlants complete their life cycle in two years. The first year is a small rosette of leaves, but no flowers are produced. The second year is when flowers form and seeds are produced. .

AnnualPlants complete one life cycle in one growing season, from seed to flower. Annually all of the plant parts die and dormant seeds grow the next season. This is why corn has to be replanted every growing season.

Annual Example:Corn

Winter vs. Summer AnnualSummer annuals start to germinate in the spring when the temperature rises. Example: CrabgrassWinter annuals germinate in fall to early spring when the soil is at optimal moisture levels. Example: Henbit

Perennial Example:Apples

Different Plant Life Cycles

Biennial Example:Parsley


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