Different Genres of Books

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Different Genres of Books

Drama1. Its an fictional representation of a story 2. Their is usually a conflict between the two main characters

Fiction1. Its intended to appeal different readers with the different themes that each book has.2. They can pertain to real life, but they are made up stories that the writer has thought of

Fantasy1. Its set in an imaginary universe2. Most books written usually contain elements of magic or magical creatures to ehance the story

Historical Fiction1. It has a setting from a certain period of history & describes what went on at that time; trying to make it as realistic as possible2. The setting is considered the most important part of Historical Fiction since everything is based off of where they are

Action & Adventure1. The main characters in these books are often clever & quick thinking2. They usually have a certain mission or quest to keep the story moving along

Biography1. It describes a person's life 2. In the book, they include important events & basic facts about them

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Science Fiction1. It's fiction that is based about the future that has technology aspects2. It describes what "time" it is in so us as readers can know what the future (in the book) is like

Health1. They have a lot of information about what certain things or foods can do to your body2. They can help people to take better care of their body or to inform them of the bad things that they are doing to it

Mystery1. In these book, a detective (or someon else) solves a crime or a series of crimes2. These books often use lots of suspense to make the reader keep reading!

Non-Fiction1. These books are written off of real life events2. It also must contain facts to be classified as a non-fiction book

Different Genres of Books

This is a piture of a world cloud of all the different types of genres of literature

This is another world cloud that has some of the more popular genres in bigger font

This is a line of books that display different genres of literature on them

This is a graph of some of the different genres of literature and how many books are in that category in comparison to other genres

This is a stack of books, which shows that their can be many different kinds of books


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