Different algebraic equations

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Algebra I

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Different algebraic equations

Different algebraic equations

Shows how to solve different types of algerbaic problems.

The video clip explains how to do graphing table and how to graph.

The table on the right shows the table graph. the table graph helps solve the line graph.

This shows how to solve fraction equation.

The image on the right shows the graphing.

This video is about the chapter on using algebra to describe problems and using square root.

This image on the right shows how to evalute expressions.

The disrubituve property.


How to solve simple equation.

Determing like terms.

There are many ways to solve an equation of the form ax+b=c. A table of values of the expression ax+b may give a value that equals c. A graph of y=ax+b may reach the value c at a point whose x-cordinate can be determine. For example to solve 3x-46=17, you can make a table of values of 3x-46 for various values of x and check if 17 appears as value of y. You can graph y=3x-46 and check if it crosses the line y=17.

To find the opposite expression you have to know that -(-a) is a. For example -(15y+3)= -15-3.

Linear ineualities can be solved by finding equivalent inequalities in much the same way that equivalent quations can be found to solve linear equations. For exampole, -3x-46<17 is solved by adding 46 to each side and then dividing each side by -3 to get x>21. Notice when dividing or multiplying by a negative number, the inequality sign is reversed.


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