Differen Clouds

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Differen Clouds

Different clouds



Cirrus Clouds

Alto CLouds

Stratus Clouds

stratus cloud form a dark gray, "wet" looking cloudy layer that come alone with rain or snow. They resemble fog that does not reach the ground

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Cumulus cloud

Cirrus clouds are thin,wispy clouds blown by high winds into long streamers.they are sheetlike clouds that often cover the entire sky

Clouds is a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, cloud is made of water drops or ice that float in the sky. Clouds form when moist warm air cools and expands in the atmosphere

What are clouds/how are they form

Altocumulus clouds are clouds that are made of water droplets and sometimes appear as gray, puffy, ' sometimes rolled out in parallel waves or bands. Altostratus clouds often form ahead of storms that will produce continuous precipitation. when alto clouds are in the sky you can see the sun as a dimly round disk.

Special CLoud

Cumulonimbus clouds are thunderstorm clouds that form if cumulus congestus clouds continue to grow. Lightning, thunder, and even violent tornadoes are associated with the cumulus cloud. some people describe cumulus clouds as puffy clouds that sometimes look like pieces of floating cotton.

mammatus clouds only form when the sinking air must be cooler than the air around it and have high liquid water or ice .mammatus clouds form on the underside of a cumulus cloud.


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