Diet related disease research tasks

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Diet related disease research tasks

Present this information on your glogster

Add hints and wise sayings! for example

Investigate one diet related disordereg anemiaosetoporosiscoronary hear diseasehypertension colon cancerdiabetes

research and investigation is to be recorded as a powerpoint presentation

Dietary Related Diseases Research Task

Add pictures, music etc

'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'

Diet related disorder assignment•Using power point and attaching to glogster-Choose a disorder e.g. obesity, alcoholism heart disease etc. -Text should be 2 lined spaced-Each slide should include1.Heading, your name and collage of images on glogster.2. What is the disorder?3.What is the cause of the disorder?4.What is the side effects of the disorder?5.Who does it effect? (give statistics from Australia.)6.Interesting facts.7.What is the prevention?8.What is the treatment?9.Supply a one week menu. (exercise routine if applicable)10.Bibliography – copy and paste addresses of any information, diagrams and pictures that you use.



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