Diet And Nutrition

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Health & Fitness

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Diet And Nutrition

Diet And Nutrition

-Proper nutrition can give you vitamins C, B12 and folate. Without these you could suffer from vitamin deficiency anemia.-Necessary for health and growth.-Proper nutrition can also improve your mood as it helps your body make the right amount of chemicals to keep you happy.-High-fat foods can lead to an increase in the production of skin oils which can cause blocked pores.

-maintain blood cholestorol -strengthen matabolism -Improve selfesteam ( you are what you eat )-help strengthen the body to fight against infectiuos deseases like cancer

Improve Your Health-Cut back on unhealthy fats-Rather than frying meats, grill, bake or broil it.-Use low-fat or nonfat versions of things such as sour cream.-Stay hydrated-Drink 0 cal. Or low calorie beverages-Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with meals and/or as a snack-Keep track of food intake

Fun FactsThe human body requires seven major types of nutrients.

Health Benefits


Diet Tips


-Eat a variety of foods-Portion control-More whole grains-Avoid added sugar and refined grains (white bread, pasta)-Eat more nuts and fish, they help supply healthy unsaturated fats-Fatty fish help reduce heart disease risks-Keep sodium down, potassium up

-Since the 1970s, the number of fast food restaurants has more than doubled.-More than 23 million Americans, including 6.5 million children, live in food deserts – areas that are more than a mile away from a supermarket.