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Diego Riviera

Diego was married to Frida Kahlo when she was just 22 and he was 42. Not everyone approved of the relationship, especially her mom, but despite everyones disaproval they still wed. The two divorced ten years later only to remarry a year after the divorce. They sharred a very complex relationship. Diego and Frida frequently cheated on eachother and this was an eminent hardship on their marriage. There was a lot of controversy surrounding their lack of faith in the marriage. Regardless of everyones disapproval and obvious tension that the two sharred, Diego called Frida the love of his life.


1886 -Born1896 - 1st Drawing 1907- Move to Europe1929- Wed to Frida 1933- Mural for Rockfeller1956 - Death

Diego created 124 frescoes in six years and this helped make him famous.He was head of the Department of Plastic Crafts at the Ministry of Education for several yearsHe made mural painting popular

Lasting Impact

Diego taught us that it's okay to not conform your thoughts to others and to do your own thing


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Diego Rivera


A Biography

Diego's Marriage


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