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Didymo is a brown/yellow like substance that is attached to the rock and it has a very unpleasing look to it.Didymo has stocks that attach to rocks and plants in a river system.Didymo is a form of algae that feels like wet cotton wool.The tails of Didymo can turn white and look like tissue paper.


DIDYMO By: Meraj Shekha

Physical Description


How Didymo came to be

Didymo was discovered in North America.It forms in rivers and makes the water look polluted.Didymo affects the growth of other algae and it changes the types of invertebrates in an ecosystem. Didymo can mask as a pollutant but it is not toxic.Info:The algae can die off easily but the stocks from Didymo can tend to stick on the river bottom for several months.Didymo can clog or irritate gills of fish.

Reward for Didymo

The IPAW (Plant Association of Wisconsin) has a $2,000 reward for anyone who finds Didymo.

Didymosphenia geminata is a common name that is used for Didymo.Another common name used for Didymo is “Rock Snot.”



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