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Born in 1812 in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. He was born into a poor, lower class family. His father was thrown in debtors prison when Dickens was only 12. The absence of his father forced the young child into the harsh working conditions of the 19th century. At this point his views on the world were changed. He was hired as a journalist before publishing his first book in 1836. His novels became very popular, leading to his rise to stardom. He became a man of the people and was widely known, and very wealthy. In 1865 he was involved in a train accident, then 5 years later he died of a stroke. Thousands would weep over the loss of a 19th century idol.

1812 - Birthday1843 - First Marriage1843 - Published a Christmas Carol1857 - Second Marriage1860- Great expectations1863 - Death of mother and son 1870 -Death Date

He came from nothing, and through his writing, he became very wealthy.He was a rockstar of his time, one of the most popular writers of his day.His writing of the poor lead the upper class citizens to start more charities and donate more frequently.


Lasting Impact

His writings lead to more focus on the "lower class" from authors to come.


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Charles John Huffman Dickens


He had major OCD.He combed his hair hundreds of times a day.He was the first person to be as famous as he wasfor being an author.


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