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Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory was born on October 12, 1932. He grew up in a poor family. and acceled at running and track. After he graduated, he went to Chicago to become a comedian. He was very succsessful, and landed big roles at night clubs and even got invited to be on The Tonight Show Starring Jack Parr. He declined the offer though, afraid of the racist people that wouldn't approve. He ran for President of the United States in 1968, but didn't win. This wasn't the end of his career, though. He did many other things to help racism, violence, drug abuse, world hunger, and other things like that. He even sent a letter to KFC, asking that they take better care of thier animals. Today, Mr. Gregory is 81 years old and is seen as a person that made the world a better place.


1932- Born1966- Ran for governer of Chicago1968- Ran for president1970- started to focus more on stopping racism yyyy - Event Nameyyyy - Event Nameyyyy - Event Name

Dick Gregory did many things. He ran for president, he was governer for Chicago, he was a succsessful comedian, and did a lot against racisim, violence, drug abuse, civil rights, hunger, and poor health care.

Lasting Impact


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Dick Gregory


Dick Gregory


Dick Gregory ia a great comidian and an activist that helped stop racisim.

Dick Gregory and his thoughts on Obama (its funny)


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