Diary of the Wimpy Kid

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Diary of the Wimpy Kid

Reading scheme 3

By : Jeff kinney

Thueday , september ,7th.it is a first day of he because today is the first day of school .right now they are just waiting the teacher to hurry up and finish the seating chart because today is a first day .after the teacher finished the seating chart .the teacher said i hope you all like where you are sitting because there are your permament seats.

wednesday ,september 8thIt is second day morning ,his mother made his lend his brother Rodrick some of my money some he could buy lunch.

I think he did not like his sitting chart because he said the desk is too old , and when someone walk into the classroom and just plunk your stuff down on any old desk ,and his classmate in front of his seat is to tall .

This book wrote a lot of diary of a Wimpy Kid.It is really insteresting because diary is said today what things is you met .and this book is wrote he met something today in his school .

Thursday , september,9thtoday is social studies the teacher made us sit in alphabetical order so the way things fell out I ended up right next to Alex Aruda . Alex Aruda is smartest kid in our class.

After I read this book .I think really funny . This book wrote a lot of diary is about the funny things and i can learnt more english words .


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