Diary of Anne Frank

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Diary of Anne Frank

The story from beyond

Nazis were soldiers led by the German leader Adolf Hitler.Hitler wanted to create the ideal society by ridding the world of traits he felt were bad: Jewish, Homosexual, Dark Skin, etc.Hitler did not stop in Germany. He began to spread to neighboring countries such as the Netherlands. He began by restricting these people but eventually the laws stripped these people of most of their rights.

Anne's family wasn't the only family to hide.Her story is unique, however, because it is written in her diary.In her diary, readers can see the changes made by the Nazis and the fear that it created in the people of Amsterdam.


The Diary of Anne Frank

How do we know?

Here is a timeline of Anne Frank's life

Family Facts

Anne Frank was 11 years old when Amsterdam was invaded by Nazis.Since her family was Jewish, they went into hiding to avoid concentration camps. They were forced to hide in a secret attic in an office building, hidden behind a bookcase.

Concentration camps were set up as work camps for people who did not fit Hitler's ideal. People were taken from their homes and sent to these camps where they were worked hard and fed little. Many innocent people were killed in these camps.

Concentration Camps

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