Diary of Anne Frank

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Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank

An example from text to text would be the Hunger Games, how Katness volunteered as tribute for her sister, so her sister wouldn't be killed in the games. She knew that if she didn't her sister wouldn't have a chance going up against the others. She showed having a good heart.

An example of text to world, is something that is going on in our world today. Anne Frank, and her family lived in a very hard time period. Even though she knew bad things were happening she still beileved in the good.

Right now today many terrist attacks have been happening, and its taken a lot of lives and families. Even though these are bad things, we should think like Anne did and think of the positive effects. Anne said thatIn spite of everything to believe in the good. Even when there is bad going on all around.

When I do something wrong, m paretns would normally punish me, but the know that it is for a good reason. Even though I may not like that. They just want me to learn from my mistakes, and not make the same mistakes in the future. They are good at heart even though thry have givin out a unishment. They are doind it for a good reason.

Anne and her family go through many hardships throughout the play. Even though everything around them was bad Anne believed in the good. An example from the story was when Anne had the nightmare and she was talking with her father,and she was telling him how she wants the good Anne to show on the outside. It sets an exaple that she knows she isn't always kind so she believes that she herself is good at heart too, and she wants to believe others are as well. Another example from the text would be how she gave out all the gifts at the Hannuka celebation becuase she knew everyone was having a hard time with Anne so she gave them gifts tp show she was thoughtful of others, because they were bothered by Anne.

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