Diary of Anne Frank

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Diary of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank - She is the main character, a 13 year old girl with lovely burnet hair. She is very beautiful and many boys have noticed this too. Anne hates the war, and wishes that she could be normal, even though she loves her religion. She gets easily fustrated when others don't see eye to eye with her. Her diary is her best friend, she tells 'Kitty' all of her sectrects, from the things that make her tick, to her love life, to the daily life in the 'Secret Annexe'. She loves her family, and already has a plan of how she will raise her own. Her love for learning and keeping track of family trees keeps her busy.

The setting of Anne's diary is in her 'Secret Annexe', it has two floors, with one small washroom. This 'Secret Annexe' is where her family, and some aquaintinces are hiding, during WWII. There is little space in their hiding place, so Anne must share her room with Mr. Dussel.

The Plot - It begins as Anne and her family moving into hiding. It is the story of them and what hapens to them, such as buglaries, what they eat, their schooling, any disagreements or agruments that day, the weather, and the war. All these things are what Anne writes about on a daily basis.


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