Diary of Anne Frank

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Diary of Anne Frank

1.What would you do if you were asked to hide someone in your home, knowing if they got caught you would get punished just as bad as them? I believe that if someone asked to hide in my house, knowing I could get in trouble I would say yes. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to live. Especially in this situation because it involves racism. Not only were jews treated unfairly they were treated harshly.2. When did Anne finally understand what going into hiding really means? I believe Anne finally started to understand what going into hiding really means, when her dad told her she could never leave the room when she wanted to go get a pen.

3 Biographical facts About The Franks

-They lived in the Secret Annex which is in a attic in a store.-There is a total of 8 people living there.-There are 4 members of the Frank family; Mrs. Frank(mom), Mr. Frank(dad), Anne(youngest daughter), and Margot( oldest daughter).

5 Interesting Facts On WW2

Diary Of Anne Frank

Critical Response

- Germany was the aggressor-During WWII, Japan bombed China with fleas infected with bubonic plague. -80% of Soviet males born in 1923 didn't survive World War 2.-Over 1.1 million children died during the Holocaust.-An estimated 1/3 of all Jewish people alive at that time were murdered in the Holocaust.


Cartoon Clip

This image representshow in the Secret Annex they were basically prisoners. They couldnt get out, and therewas small space for many prisoners.


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