Diary of a Worm

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Diary of a Worm

Overall Picture Book Design

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Picture Book Analysis

The book is in a vertical position.I noticed the title of the book, the words are wiggily, just like a worm would be.The things that stand out to me on the cover is how the worm is sitting on a bottle cap and using a big pencil to write in a little jornal. Also how most of the image at the bottom of the book and the title is at the top.

Elements of Design

Just by looking at the cover you see the worm, which is the main character writing in his diary.In the endpages of the front and back covers are pictures Worm took himself and taped to his diary. The Title page the words "Diary of a Worm" the "I" is shaped as a pencil and the "0" is Worm as a circle.The back cover is Worm still writing in his diary but its a close up and you can see him writing.

Narrative Elements

The fonts of the book are inbetween the pages. Sometimes at the top, bottom or middle. Each text starts with a date in a different color because he is imputing his life as it goes on.Each image is placed differently on each page. Just like the text each picture is either the whole page or just part of the page. Sometimes there is an image within an image.

The beginning of the story starts with Worm learning something from his mom and at the end Worm reminds himself what his mom told him. It makes the book a full circle ending.The transiton from page to page is by the dates Worm inputs in his journal.

Peritextual Elements

In the foreground, Worm is hanging on a web from a tree with his friend Spider on that tree. In the background there is a farmhouse with animals in their pen and a man walking in the grass.My eyes follow down the tree where I see a lady bug on a leaf and then to the acre farm down below.There is mostly green in the image from the leaves in the tree to the greenery on the farm leading to the hills in the back.The tree and leaves look bigger than the farmhouse. Meaning there is another whole world out there besides the one we know.

The main character is Worm, but his family are also apart of the story.Worm's friend Spider makes appearances in this book also.Children who understand the idea of keeping a journal will find this book entertaining and enjoyable.

Doreen Cronin



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