Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy kid Old School by Jeff Kinney

This story is about Greg and his generation being inside too much on electronics. His mom tried to get 100 people to sign a sheet to not use electronics for 48 hours straight to give to the town hall. His dad said in summer when he was a kid everyone was outside until they had to eat dinner. Greg was glad to go back to school because the pig always is in his buissness. The pig wears pants and walks on his hind legs. when his grampa cant affard his condo he has to live with Greg's family in their house. Once when they all left exept for grampa he had a big party!



The theme of this story is greg heffley not going outside and being on electronics too much.


The main character is Greg Heffley. Mom,Dad,Rodrick,Manny,the pig,and grampa are other important characters.

Greg lives in a neighborhood with a school behind the woods.

I reccomend you read all the books in the series in order then read this book. This series is a fun story about a boy in middle school. If you like cartoons then you will like this story.



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