Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Greg Heffley -Main Charater -Nice-Kind of smart-Caring-Addicted to video games

Rowley Jefferson-Supporting character-Nice and caring-Smart-Likes to play video games

Greg's Family-Nice, smart, and caring-They annoy Greg Mom: Susane H.Dad: Frank H.Brothers: Rodrick H. and Manny H.

This is when Greg and Fregley had a sleepover and Fregley was chasing Greg around with a booger on his finger. Greg regretted that decision he made to stay with Fregley.

This is when Rowley broke his arm and got all the popularity and Greg didn't. Greg started telling everyone that he was the one that broke it. Everyone was calling him a jerk for doing that.

This is when Greg had to wrestle Fregley. Fregley pinned him in a few seconds. Greg was disgusted that he was the one that had to wrestle Fregley. He changed his mind about wrestling.

Greg and Rowley kind of split apart and Greg had to find someone else to hang out with. Rowley and Brian were making Greg jealous.

Their school.


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