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Dian Fossey

Dians life:Dian Fossey was a zoologist.She was born in San Francisco,California on january 16,1932. She was well educated and went to many schools. She went to Lowell highschool, Darwin collage and two universitys (cambridge,san jose).All though she has a good life she unfortunally died in December.26 1985 at Volcanoes national park,rwanda.

Dian changed the world:Dian changed the world by many things. She changed it by helping people understand that gorillas are people to.She also helped people to make funds for the gorillas at her fund Dian Fossey Gorilla fund international.She also showed people her discoveries to show the world how cool and important gorillas are.

Dians Discoveries:Dian fossey made and did many discoveries. One of her discoveries were reasearching endangerd gorillas of the rwanda mountains. She also started a process of habitation that help her get closer to gorillas that she studied.She also found a fund in 1978 to conserve and protect gorillas and their habitats. Her fund is called the Dian Fossey Gorilla fund international.

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Dian Was a really good horseback rider!!!Fun fact:

Dian fossey was forced to live with her mother because the father was a drinker so they divorced.

Dian Fossey was buried next to one of her gorillas. (Digit)

Born: Jan.16 2013Died:Dec.26 1985

Dian Fossey

''The more you learn about the dignity of people the more you want to avoid people''

''The man that kills the animals today is the man that kills the people that get in his way tommorow''


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