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Diamonds are popular around the world. They are used for abrasive purposes but are mostly used as accessories. These precious gems are universally popular because it signifies wealthyness and luck. They are shared between individuals as expensive gifts; even in the cases as to serving a vow. There is always a high demand for diamonds and the price range is always on the jump. Diamonds are quite expensive in price range depending on the amount of carats, cut, and labour put into attaining them. There will never be a low demand for diamond. They are exported globally depending on the companies who sell them to consumers.

Diamonds are precious gems. It symbolizes richness and has always had large value. It is said that losing a diamond administers bad luck in the owner's life. They are found hundreds of miles underground where heat and pressure crystallize carbon into rough diamonds.

Extraction ' Processing

Canada's major diamond mining site is Snap Lake Diamond. It is located northeast of Yellowknife. Snap lake is owned by DeBeers and was their first mine outside of Africa. Diamonds are extracted from the soil. Heavy-duty machinary is used to extract diamonds. There are various techniques to extract diamonds depending on factors including the mining site. For security reasons, the machinary resemble bakery trucks. Within the trucks starts a processing cycle to eliminate the soil that is combined with the precious diamonds and it is referred to as the Dredge. There are two ways to process the diamonds.Once the diamonds are collected, they are taken to Rotary Pan plant. A mixture (a.k.a. the puddle) is combined with the soil that contains diamonds in it. The heavier particles make its way to the bottom as the soil becomes separated to the top. A Dense Media Separation (DMS) plant is the second option. Powdered ferrosilicon (silicone and iron) is placed in water in order to form a density that diamonds contain. A mixure then separates the diamonds and other alloys by pushing the diamonds to the walls which then draw out of the cycle by the use of gravity pushing these precious substances down and out of the mixture.

Top Diamond Extracting Companies in the World

Diamonds are extremely durable, therefore they have many uses as they are rich stones.Popularly, diamonds are used as gemstones for jewellery as long as they are small in size, but they are actually known for more than just that. They are beneficial as industrial abrasives also.Some examples include:-having small particles embedded in a saw blade-drill bit or a grinding wheel -diamond paste-Diamond windows-Diamond speaker domes-Heat sinks-Low friction microbearing (for resistance)-Wear-resistant part (for coating surfaces)

Canadian Opportunies in the Diamond Industry

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DiamondsSerena K. Dhillon


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Those interested in outdoor opportunites, love adventure, willing to move to a small northern province, and enjoy earning money in a fun and intriguing way should work in the diamond industry. Many foreigners work in the mines, but there are many more jobs that are available.Yellowknife - Canada's Largest Diamond Mining Facilities.Business Improvement AdvisorJourneyperson Crane OperatorManager, Jay ConstructionManager, Plant ' Asset OptimizationOccupational HygienistSecurity Technical AnalystSenior Business AnalystSuperintendent, Human ResourcesTeam Leader - Fixed Plant MaintenanceTeam Leader - Mobile Maintenance

Where are they exported to?

India: $28,952,108 (20.6% of total unset diamonds exports)Belgium: $20,865,488,000 (14.8%)United States: $19,449,103,000 (13.8%)Israel: $18,973,003,000 (13.5%)United Arab Emirates: $10,129,794,000 (7.2%)Hong Kong: $7,338,795,000 (5.2%)United Kingdom: $6,732,626,000 (4.8%)Botswana: $6,399,046,000 (4.5%)Russia: $4,969,276,000 (3.5%)China: $2,700,017,000 (1.9%)Canada: $2,140,098,000 (1.5%)South Africa: $2,114,950,000 (1.5%)Switzerland: $1,838,031,000 (1.3%)Thailand: $1,675,389,000 (1.2%)Singapore: $1,379,233,000 (1%)


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