Dialyzer Story

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Dialyzer Story

5. Pre-cleaningThis is the first step to reprocessingRemoves some of the blood from the blood compartment

4. Priming, Recirculation, Patient useRinseback

3. Dialyzer Labeling patient’s last name, first name and initial, color code, medical record number # of uses, reprocessing, date & time of last reuseIdentifier for reuse techResult of tests

2. TCVPrior to first use, test dialyzer for baseline total cell volume (TCV), also called fiber bundle volume (FBV)/ or baseline clearance value

9. StorageStore to keep from deterioration, breakage & contamination

1. PreprocessingRemoves more residual germicide, ETO, or other products of manufacturing.Allows for accurate measurement of a dialyzer’s TCV

8. Disinfection Dialyzer filled with germicide or disinfectantGermicide must stay in the dialyzer for a certain amount of timeContact time varies for each germicide

7. Dialyzer RejectionFails performance tests, Fails visual inspection<90% of the original clearance value< 80% of the original TCV maximum number of uses Fails leak testcracks, chips or defects Exposure to > than one germicideDiscolored fibers

6. Performance Tests functional and structural integrity of the dialyzerTCV after each reuseLeak test Visually inspect dialyzer for cracks, chips, & defects



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