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DiagnosisFor type 1 diabetes there is not really a known diagnosis but it may be brought by certain viral infections. For types 2 diabetes the diagnosis is partly from heredity and possibly by obesity.

The PancreasThe pancreas is a small organ that lies between the stomach and the liver that secretes insulin. The pancreas is invloved in many human body systems but it also creates insulin for our bodies. If the insulin is not created then the muscle and fat tissue will not be able to use the glucose carried in the bloodstream after a meal.

DiabetesDiabetes is when the body can not store and use sugar properly which results in abnormally high amounts of sugar in the blood.This happens when the pancreas produces little or no insulin. This is sometimes called the sugar disease.

TreatmentInsulin injections, diet and excercise, oral medications, islet cell transplants, pancreas transplants

SymptomsUnquenchable thirst, frequent need to urinate, weight loss, increased hunger, fatigue, iritability, itchy skin, poor healing.

Diabetes in animalsAnimals such as cats and dogs can get diabetes just like humans can. They also have to get insulin injections.

Reasearch frontiers and current eventsAn australian team has made a drug for diabetes and they are going to start testing it on animals.

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Prognosis60-70 percent have some damage to the nervous system.2-4 times mre likely to develope heart disease.About 48,000 develop end stage kidney disease each year. Around 71,000 amputations of legs and feet are performed every year. With diabetes there may also be death.Between 12,000-24,000 lose eyesight completely every year.


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