Dia de los Muertos

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Dia de los Muertos

What You Need To Know!Day of the dead is celebrated on November 1st with all saints day to remember the children (los aglélito), and it is celebrated on November 2nd with all souls day to remember everyone. The process for decorating houses with altars is very complicated and some families plan all year for it. After everything is ready is when the festivities begin.

Dia de los Muertos

When most people think of Day of the Dead they think of costumes and Halloween. That is an incorrect stereo type because Day of the Dead is actually a catholic religious holiday. While there are many festivities during this celebration, it has deep meaning and when celebrated the traditional way and is a time of remembrance for the deceased.

How to celebrate day of the dead...

To make an Altar(remember, there are no set rules, it just has to be meaningful to you)1. Use a wide table and tablecloth for the base for your altar.2. Make the archs out of sugarcane. 3. To create tiers you can use boxes set on top of the table.4. Set a glass of water on the altar. It represents purity and quenches the thirst of the souls.5. Decorate the altars with pictures of the one your remembering. Normally food, flowers, and seasonal fruits are layed and hung about the altar. Incenses are often lit. Find safe spots to place many candles.

Your Shopping List(many of these items are homemade and bought from vendors in the streets)frutas estacional - price will varypan de muertos - 25 pesosarroz blanco - 23 pesos per lb.calavera de azúcar - 6 to 50 pesosmole - 80 to 160 per kilo of mix.Katrina figurine - 12 to 35 pesoscempasuchil flowers - 30 pesos for sixcopal - 132 pesos for bulk one lb. bagatole - 26 pesos for bag of mixcalabaza confitada - 100 pesos per lb.

Who all celebrates Dia del los Muertos?While many people think this is purely a mexican holiday, it is celebrated by many catholic people all over Latin America and in the Americas. People who celebrate in Guatamala fly large kites and people in Texas who celebrate burn special prayers in urns. The food left at the altars is consumed by all with the belief that the spirits consume the essence and we consume the earthly food.


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