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Dharmendra Modha



Life Obstacle

Dharmendra Modha

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Dharmendra Shantilal Modha, lead researcher of the cognitive Computing group at IBM Almaden Research Center, was born in 1969 in Mumbai, India. He currently holds a B.Tech. in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of technology Bombayand Engineering and a Ph. D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California, San Diego. Mr. Dharmendra, who is still currently living, has no available siblings.

By: MaryJo Frye

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To meet such high regards in science Dharmendra Modha went through a considerable amount of schooling costing him a multitude of money. Mr. Modha went above and beyond in his schooling than would be required for any engineer or medical personal.

16 of IBM’s finest TrueNorth chips (estimated to be one of the most expensive motherboards in the world)

Dharmendra Modha led a group of scientists to create a computer chip that can connect technology to the human brain. This computer chip is able to allow technology to smell, taste, feel, hear, and see. This chip allows technology to respond and act with human thoughts and emotions. On August 7, 2014 Dharmendra Modha and his group of scientists unveiled a new era of computing with their brain-like chip that contains 4096 cores, 1 million neurons, 5.4 billion transistors.

Scientific Contribution


Dharmendra Modha created a computer chip that is able to mimic the human brain. This computer chip is able to relate technology to human senses and characteristics. This computer chip allows diseases to be detected at the first sign of risk. At the first sign of cancer this chip can detect where in the body it is located. Doctors from around the world will be able to know the second someone is affected by a disease and will give the doctors a jumpstart on diagnosing and curing the disease. With earlier knowledge of when a person is infected we will have a better understanding of ways to treat or cure the problem. In addition, this computer chip heightens many human senses such as sight and smell. Not only has Dharmendra Modha created a way to save lives he turns ordinary people into the extraordinary.


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