dewey decimal system list

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dewey decimal system list

Dewey Decimal System

000-099 Generalities

100-199 Philosophy

200-299 Religion

300-399 Social Services

400-499 Languages

500-599 Science & Math

600-699 Applied Science

700-799 Fine Arts

800-899 Literature

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900-999 Geography & History

What makes me who I am?

What do I believe?

Who are my neighbors?

How will we talk with each other?

I like to learn about science and math.

How do I use science and technology?

What do I like to do for fun?

What do I like to read?

How did everything happen?

Everything else......


  • rlesperance 5 years ago

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    Thanks for sharing this freely. It was helpful and well done.

  • cdiduras 4 years ago

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    Efficace !