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6 To 12 First Day of School

3 To 5At age 4 my little sister likes to copy my mom. She often cooks in her easy bake oven

FruedOral - Brith to 18 monthsAnal - 18 Months to 3 yearsPhallic - 3 to 5Latency - 6 to puperityGenital - Teenage to death

12 to 18Atracted to the other gender and start dating

EriksonInfancy- Brith to 18Early Childhood - 18 m to 3 yPlay age - 3 to 5School age - 6 to 12Adolescence -12 to 18Yong adult - 18 to 36Middle adult - 35 to 65Late Adulthood - 65 to Death

SimilaritesThe Stages stay very similar in the early part of life and really start to break away from eachother around the Adolescence stage

Oral StageThe child looks for pleasure from putting things in their mouth

Anal StageThe child must learn to control anal stimulation

Phallic StagePleasure switched to the genitails and frued belived that boys started having sexual desires

Latancy StageGrow close to freinds of the same genderGenitail StageStart switching your attention to the other gender and sexual pleasures become proident

Infancy StageTrust vs. Mistrust

Early ChildhoodAutonomy vs. Shame

Play AgeInitiative vs. Guilt


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