Devestating Great Depression

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Social Studies
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Devestating Great Depression

Devestating Great Depression

Hoovervilles were shanties in big groups people made to live in and they were mocking President Hoover.

One topic i will research more on and realate it today is how americans pull together. I find it amazing how all those people were able to work together to get through the great depression. also they helped out the farmers when they were loosing tghere homes and really nnede fields to gorw their crops for their food for their job.

Penny Auctions were auctions that farmers only bided pennies to help out their nieghbors. Also penny auctions were when people would bid for their farms really cheap for a penny so farmers could afford them.

This is my story of how I survived the great depression. I got kicked out of my house and was forced to live my own I remember him telling me “You’re the most useless in this family so your kicked out”, so I left the house and thought about what I was going to do. I first went to try to look for jobs, but wasn’t hiring. I used the money I had to buy a hat and gloves and I was really lucky I found a 5 dollar bill and used it to buy food. 6:00 a.m. I hoped on the rails and left. It was a really close call I hoped on, but I was falling off, but jimmy gave me a hand, he was one of my friends that I made and there is a picture of me that Jon took of me when I was on the train. There were five people I chipped in to be able to afford an apartment, by no means was it a cozy apartment, but it was better than nothing. We struggled for food we went hunting for a lot of our food and cooked it over a fire, because sometimes it was hard to keep up with our electricity bills. My job was to hunt for some of our food and build stuff with the limited supplies we had. Jimmy’s job was to try to go to the city in Chicago and try to find jobs for us and do other city work. Some days we went to soup and bread lines and did whatever we could to make it through. Later on we split up and provided for ourselves. All of us five got hired on a farm and decided to live on our own to start up our new life. Work was fun we all worked together so that made it enjoyable. We all got married and started up our own family and we have four kids. If you believe you can get through tough times you will. Bobby Buck

F.D.R believd the goverment should set up programs so people would have jobs to get the economy up. Some of his program names are the CCC, HOLC and SSA.

President Herbert Hoover believed the government should give people direct aid, regualate business, interfere as little as possible.

This is my favorite picture from the Dorthea Lange assignment. This picture shows the struggles people had, by showing they were just trying to survive and find a palce to go and we should be thankful for the stuff we have.

This is a picture of Jimmy helping me up when we were Frieght Hoping.


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