Developmental Stages of Art

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Developmental Stages of Art

Developmental Stages In Art!

Symbolism This starts from age 5-6 and are highly individualized since they result from children’s conceptual understanding, rather than observation of the world around them.Symbols or Schema for a person start occuring. once an object is drawn a certain way it will continue to repeat itselfBaselines are starting to happen floating objects go away and the pictures start to become balanced. As well as later they will start including multiple baselines.Special effects are being placed into the pictures this is a great tool to use for questions and explanations behind each of the attributes placed into the pictures.

SCRIBBLING Children Usually start around 1 year of age.Circular patterns and geometric shapes are usually the first controlled motion obtained when scribbling. Engaging the child is a great tool for parents to help them provide kids proper material for scribbiling.Communication is a great key to success ask question about their drawing when they are done.This will create a brighter future for your childs imagination.

RealismBy the age of nine or ten children start showing visual awareness of things around them.Children start to arrange objects through out the picture properly.Emotions appear through the pictures loneliness, excitment, anger and even love are symbolized through art.This in some sense is believed to damper the creative spirit of a child but through a students expression it can be shown.

Four stages of children’s artistic development: scribbling, pre-symbolism, symbolism, and realism.

Pre-SymbolismThis Stage typically starts around 3-4 years of age where kids start placing circles with lines.Children start to draw picture without certain features because they are unaware of the relevance. As soon as they become aware of it they might start including them.Children tend to experience more through personal experience, focus on this aspect when teaching.Remember there is no right or wrong way to potray space in a drawing. Promote dont decline

Great example of a FLOATING objects in a picture.

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Drawing through all of the stages of life are significant aspect. Drawing can be placed into a variety of different subjects from individualized journals with a creative picture on the side. To a more developed style of self portraits. Drawing is not just a fun hobby its a tool to express one self physically and emotionaly. We as teachers need to adapt more arts into our curriculum to engage our students so all of them can express oneself.

learning to draw" means learning to make a mental shift from L-mode to R-mode.


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