Development of Atomic Theory

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Development of Atomic Theory

John Dalton

English Chemist (1766-1844)Provided development of the first scientific atomic theory thats principles could be tested.

Early Athenian (460 BC-370) thinker who first proposed the atom concept (all matter is composed of tiny bits of an element called atoms)


Democritus vs. DaltonIn the early 1880s, scientist John Dalton refined Democritus' ideas and used them as the basis for his atomic theory.

The modern Atomic Theory has been influenced by many chemists ranging all the way back to 500 B.C. to the modern days.

Niles Bohr

JJ Thomson

Earnest Rutherford

A Danish Physisist who proposed that places exist in the atom where electrons can travel without losing energy called permitted orbits, something like the orbits that planets travel in their journey around the Sun.

Chemist and physisist from New Zealand that conluded the positive charge in an atom must all be packed together in one small region of the atom. He called that region the nucleus of the atom. He discovered this by bombarding thin gold foil with alpha particles.

English Physisist that researched the behavior of eletricity and descovered the elctron in 1897 with the cathode ray tube

Above: Daltons Theory of an undividable atom.Below: JJ Thomson's project discovered the electron

Above: Rutherford's Theory discovered the nucleus of the atom.Below: Bohr's Theory proposed electron cloud.

Development of the Atomic ModelBy: Grant Harrison amd Collin Huitt

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