Development of atomic structure

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Development of atomic structure

Democritus - Ancient GreeceFire, Water, Air & Earth, 4 elements but all made of 1 substance

Ernest Rutherford - 1911He found that most of the mass and all the positive charge of the atom was in a tiny central nucleus. He gave us a better model of an atom

JJ Thomson - 1897He discovered electrons which was the first sub-atomic particle to be discovered. However he blew it with the plum pudding model

John Dalton - 1803Suggested elements were composed of indivsible atoms. Had the idea of atomic mass. Different elements have different masses

Henri Becquerel - 1896He discovered radioactivity and showed the atom is not indivisble. In fact there are things smaller than the atom

Robert Boyle - 1661He proposed that there were some substances that couldn't be made simpler

Niehls Bohr - 1913He developed the Bohr model of the atom which consists of protons & neutrons in the nucleus and electron shells around around the nucleus

The Development ofatomic stucture


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