Development of Antimalarials

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Development of Antimalarials

Development of antimalarial




Malaria parasite plasmodium is carried by the Female Anopheles Mosquito. The most powerful weapon to be protected is to sleep under a mosquito net but it is not enough because the parasite continues to be transmitted from person to person. There exist a huge amount of antimalarial, but it’s failing now to protect people, because the parasite has developed a lot and became stronger. The scientist found out that if we can inhabit the glucose transporter, the glucose won’t go in the parasite so the parasite won’t get any food and eventually die. Based on this hypothesis, Scientist are working on getting a new effective and affordable medicine to cure malaria. One organization is doing a project called “Antimal initiative” which involving 21 European and 10 African research institutions. The medicine we are using right now is called “Artemisnin” which is form when you isolate Artemisnin from the plant called Artemisia Annua, which then creates the medicine. This plant only grows is China.


How does Plasmodium Work?


About Malaria

==>2 people each minute die from the disease ==>90% of people dying from the disease are in Africa==>There are 200 millions affections a year==>The parasite eat by stealing glucose from our red blood cell==>The parasite itself has to built is membrane from 30 compounds called phostofolipique.

They are no vaccin to be prevented from malaria which is a big problem because if we could at least find the right vaccin to be protected from malaria we could reduce the amount of deaths in the world. The other problem is that in Africa some research institution are trying to find a malaria vaccin but they don't have enough money to do it. In my opininion if they were cases of malaria in Europe they will donate more money and more researches about this subject will be done.

Malaria Vaccin


Video about development of Antimalaria:

The plasmodium is small but its effects are divesting. The plasmodium enters to the blood stream when human are bitten by a infected female anopheles mosquito. One’s inside in the human body the parasite travel to the liver where they mature/grow bigger then a week later they enter to the blood stream where they invaded the blood cell there they reproduce until the blood cell burst releasing thousand more parasite into the body and that’s when the disease takes hold. At this point is really when the disease get’s worse fever, cold and new parasite eggs on your body. The scientists find out that the parasites eats glucose because they notice that the glucose transporter represented a important part of the parasite.

Anopheles Female Mosquito

Malaria Parasite, Plasmodium


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