Development Milestones

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Development Milestones

Milestones in Development

6mths:communicates, crawls, make sounds, plays peek-a-boo, move things in hands

2mths: Smile, Coos, Follows objects with eyes, reacts to objects, Look at parents, Pushes up on stomach

9mths: tries repeating words, waves, understands simple directions

3yrs:speaks in short sentences, show hand dominance, follow 2-step directions

12mths: walking, uses items correctly, finds hidden objects

18mths: temper tantrums, pretend play, scribbles, drinks from a cup

2yrs: plays with other children, defiant, stands on tiptoe, runs

4mths: Rolls over, Bring objects to mouth, recognizes people, fears strangers, babbles, shows emotion, sits without support

4yrs: carry on conversations, ride a tricycle, walk up stairs, name colors and numbers, dress and undress themselves


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