Development in Pictures

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Development in Pictures

In the picture to the right I am working with 12 month old Daniel, in the first stage of develpoment. We are reading a book and I am pointing to the pictures and telling Daniel what they are. Although Daniel is not repeating everything I am telling him I know from The Young Child that Daniel is taking in what I am saying with receptive language.

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In the picture below 1 year old Daniel is working on his gross motor skills by climbing on the climbing toy. I am assisting him on gaining his balance to stand up on the climber.

Development in Pictures

In the picture above I am working with 4 year old Kylie, in the second stage of development. She is using a color pencil to color her paper. She is working on her physical develpoment by using her pincer skills to hold the pencil the right way.

In the picture below, Kylie age 4 is looking at rhyming pictures. I laid a bunch of pictures out on the table and I asked her to say what was in each picture until we found the picture that rymed with "ring". Kylie was using her language skills to find the rhyming words. I know from The Young Child, that this is a skill that Kylie should be able to do at her age.


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