Developing Writing in ECE

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Developing Writing in ECE

- “Vygotsky asserted that children learn through socially meaningful interactions” (Tompkins, 2005).- Collaborative writing helps students to learn socially and “supports the following higher order skills: ‘planning, intelligent questioning, reorganization and restructuring to counterbalance the traditional focus on mechanics and the final product”. (Boyle & Charles,2011 ) - Four collaborative learning models.

- “Dramatic play occurs when children adopt roles and use make-believe transformations to act out stories”(Christie, 1990). - “When print becomes an integral part of children’s dramatic play, literacy development is promoted in a number of ways” (Christie, 1990).- Two types of teacher intervension:Ouside intervention and Inside Intervention

How do we support early childhood students in their writing development?

Dramatic Play

Classroom Implications

-Drawing and Scribbling-Letters and Letter-Like Forms- and Beginning Sounds-Beginning and Ending Sounds

Stages of Early Writing

- Build writing into your daily schedule.-Accept all forms of writing.-Explicitly model writing.-Encourage children to read what they write.-Encourage invented spelling.-Engage in group writing experiences.-Make writing a way to connect with families.-Use technology to support writing.

Drawing, Music, and ELLs

-Parent involvement is crucial in writing development. -Great need for father involvement in schools. - “Early childhood personnel who attempt to increase the level of fathers’ involvement may face quite a challenge” (Stile and Ortiz, 1999).

Home Involvement

Collaboritive Writing

- Music in the classroom create a pleasant and positive atmosphere where students can “thrive emotionally, socially, and academically” (Paquette & Rieg, 2008). - The Language Experience Approach (LEA) can be used to build on the shared musical experiences mentioned.- •“A study found drawing to be an effective tool to build the written English skills of EAL/D learners”. Drawing, however, is “not routinely used as an aid to writing in classrooms beyond the early childhood years”.


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