Dev. Milestone willow smith

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Dev. Milestone willow smith

Developmental Milestones:Willow Smith

Time Line

Cognitive:Thoughts become more logical, as show by ability to pass Piagetian conservation, class inclusion, and seriation problems. attention becomes more selective, adaptable, and planful. appreciates second-order false beliefs. uses informal knowledge of number concepts and counting.

Emotional:self-concept begins to include personality traits and social comparisons. Self-esteem differentiated, is hierarchically organized. self-conscious emotions of pride and guilt are governed by personal responsibility. empathy increases, more independent, physical aggression declines; verbal and relational aggression continue.

Emotional:continues to refine self-concept to include competencies, positive and negative personality traits and more sophisticated social comparisons. Self-esteem tends to rise. distinguishes ability, effort, and luck in attributions for success and failure. Shifts adaptively between problem centered and emotion centered strategies. Can "step into anothers shoes". Clarifies and links moral rules and social conventions. Friendships become more selective and are based on mutual trust. Peer groups emerge. becomes aware of more gender stereotypes. Gender identity expands to include self evaluations to typicality, contentedness, and pressure to conform.

Physical:Adolescent groeth spurt begins two years earlier in girls than boys. Representation of depth in drawing. Steady gains in reaction time contribute to improved motor performance. executes gross motor skills of running, jumoing, throwing, catching, kicking (more quickly and with better control)

Cognitive:continues to master Piagetian tasks in a step-by-step fashion, spatian reasoning improves, selective attention and planning improve further. Uses memory strategies of rehearsal. Theory of mind become more elaborate and refined.

Physical:slow gains in height and weight contine until adolescent growth spurt. Permanent teeth gradually replace primary teeth. Legibility of writing increases, preparing children to master cursive writting. Drawing becomes more organized and detailed and includes some depth cues. Games with rules and rough-and tumble play become common

6-8 years

9-11 years


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