Destiny's Gift

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Destiny's Gift

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Listen in to youths talk about how they participate in Global Youth Service Day.Then, in your Thoughtsicle Keeper, write about ways you can help your local community by doing similiar events!

Read directions, then print this out (room 5) and complete or drop off or write it in your Thoughtsicle Keeper

Print out (room 5) and complete.Then drop it off.

Bookshops still exist!Take notes on how this one in England operates, then in your Journeys Journal, make a map of how yours might look!(Some of the language might be different, so write down words you are unfamiliar with being used! example-a charlie means- a cart)



  • schooladmin347582 8 years ago

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    Great work! I made Glogs with all of our reading stories over the past 2 years in 3rd grade classes.
    check out ElizabethCoomer Glogs.