[2015] Annabelle Moon: Destiny of the Republic

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[2015] Annabelle Moon: Destiny of the Republic

Destiny of the Republic

It's a story of Madness, Medicine, and the Murder of a president.

Let yourself get lost in the year 1881. Learn about James Garfield, Alexander Grahm Bell, and a murder worth reading about.

James Garfield was our 20th president. He was also the second to be assassinated. "The Destiny of the Republic" tells the story of Garfield's death and how it came to be.

Charles Guteau was a mad man that was broke and wanted a job, but James garfield refused to give him one...

James Garfield

Candice MillardAuthor of the book

Charles Guiteau

Garfield's death

Its explains how much medicine today has changes from medicine in the 1800s.

It all began with a speech...

Alexander grahm Bell. The inventer of the telephone, attempted to invent a way to find the bullet inside garfield's body.


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